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13 Things 'Girls' Gets Right About Being In Your 20s

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Over the past two years, "Girls" has come under fire for being an unrealistic portrayal of 20-something life. But even the biggest "Girls" haters have to admit the HBO series has some very true to life moments.

Here are 13 things "Girls" gets right about being in your 20s:

You have panic attacks about the future.
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Being happy for your friends can be hard ...
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... Especially when your own life is in shambles.
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There's a lot of weird sex.
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Your love life can be a big, blurry mess.
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Almost everything feels like the end of the world.
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Jobs can be really boring.
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You grow apart from your friends.
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There aren't responsible, loving adults protecting you anymore.
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You use social media to make your life look more put together than it is.
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You over-analyze everything.
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You experience way too much self-doubt.
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But at the end of the day, it's so much fun.

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"Girls" airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. EST on HBO.

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