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Kevin Spacey Proves Just How Ridiculous Female Celebrity Questions Are

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"When did you get up this morning to get ready?" "Have you been dieting for months?" "Do you have any Spanx on tonight?"

These questions are pretty run-of-the-mill for female celebrities any time they step onto a red carpet. But what happens when men are asked the same boring and superficial questions? Buzzfeed decided to find out and asked a completely unsuspecting Kevin Spacey a few sexist questions. His reactions were very telling.

In response to "Who did your hair?" Spacey replied, "It just happens, it's not a big deal." As the questions became more and more bizarre however, Spacey (rightfully so) was utterly perplexed: "Did you start smoking before you came here today?" and finally, "You guys are so f*****d up."

Women celebrities have been subjected to these monotonous "rabbit food" questions time and time again. But when Spacey was posed these questions he walked away after less than a minute of vapid probing. As we've seen from so many gender-swapped parodies, subjecting men to the biases and experiences women deal with reveals the depth of everyday sexism.

So yes, Mr. Spacey, it is so f****d up.


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