03/06/2014 06:08 pm ET Updated Mar 06, 2014

Elders Watch Shakira Music Video, Need Jaws Picked Up Off Floor (VIDEO)

Shakira and Rihanna can leave just about anyone drooling, but when it comes to these elders, the shock value is through the roof.

This week, TheFineBros continued their fantastic YouTube series 'Elders React' by showing a group of older folks Shakira and Rihanna's famous music video entitled "Can't Remember To Forget You."

"Oh, boy am I glad I came to see this one!" one of the participants exclaimed.

"She's giving me the look! I tell you!" another swore.

Another made a fine suggestion: "Can you run this thing for about six hours?"

Aside from the sexually charged comments or select few that were slightly offended, these elders raised a lot of eyebrows and all were slack-jawed at one point or another.

Of course, in the end, a slightly tongue-in-cheek truth many will agree with came out: "I gotta tell you something, I'm in love...and it's the real thing this time."


Cool Old People Dancing