The Best Cereals For Making Cereal Milk, Ranked

03/07/2014 09:24 am ET | Updated Mar 07, 2014
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Cereal is one of those breakfast foods we want to eat all day long. It's a great snack, dessert, and dinner. Arguably one of the best parts of eating cereal is drinking the milk that's left over at the end. The sweet, flavored cereal milk is like winning prize at the end of your meal.

Momofuku pastry chef Christina Tosi made cereal milk fashionable when she introduced cereal milk-flavored soft serve and actual cereal milk at Momofuku Milk Bar. We're still huge fans of the real deal that can only come from eating a bowl of cereal.

Not all cereal milks are created equal, however. Some milk is too sugary, and some is too bland, while others are chocolatey or fruity gifts that transport us back to childhood. We at HuffPost Taste have already ranked the 20 best breakfast cereals, so we thought it only fitting to rank the aftermath. In honor of National Cereal, we've ranked the best and worst cereal milk.

  • 15 Raisin Bran
    No thank you!
  • 14 Froot Loops
    We're just not a fan of this "frooty" flavor.
  • 13 Lucky Charms
    We'd love to love the milk from Lucky Charms, but it doesn't do it for us.
  • 12 Fruity Pebbles
    It's like candy, and somehow the color doesn't put us off at all. In fact, it makes it all the better.
  • 11 Corn Pops
    We love when the milk makes the corn pops ever so soggy, and we love the subtle (ok, maybe not that subtle) sweet milk that's leftover.
  • 10 Kix
    It's not too sweet, but just sweet enough. And it's mother-approved.
  • 9 Cinnamon Life
    Another cinnamon winner.
  • 8 Frosted Flakes
    It's Gr-r-reat! Sorry, we had to.
  • 7 Golden Grahams
    This milk is not as good as the milk from Honey Nut Cheerios, but it still has that golden flavor.
  • 6 Cocoa Puffs
    Chocolate. Milk.
  • 5 Apple Jacks
    Somehow this fake fruity flavor wins us over every time.
  • 4 Life
    It's lightly sweetened and so comforting. We love how the sugar gathers at the bottom of the bowl with little shreds of cereal for a decadent last bite.
  • 3 Honey Nut Cheerios
    Sweet, honey goodness. We think the milk is the best part of eating Honey Nut Cheerios.
  • 2 Cinnamon Toast Crunch
    If you don't think this cinnamon sugar milk isn't amazing, we can't be friends.
  • 1 Cocoa Krispies
    There's nothing quite like the sugary chocolate milk left over from Cocoa Krispies, and nothing can top it.

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