Sarah Palin: We Won The 'Duck Dynasty' Fight

03/08/2014 08:07 pm ET | Updated Mar 08, 2014

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) spoke out again in defense of "Duck Dynasty" star Phil Robertson at CPAC on Saturday, saying that his "fight" for free speech was a battle won by everyone.

Back in December, Robertson faced backlash over comments he made to GQ Magazine on morality and sin, where he compared homosexuality to bestiality. After a suspension that lasted less than two weeks, A&E allowed Robertson to return to the show.

"In another time, that might have been it," Palin said. "Phil would have stayed fired. But not now, not this time."

As one of Robertson's first public supporters, Palin credited the fight to preserve his First Amendment rights as the force that drew winds of change.

"People all over America understood that Phil's right to express himself, that fight that he had to undertake, that was all about our right to express ourselves," she added on Saturday. "His fight was our fight and we pushed back and we won."

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