13 New Ways To Display All The Photos You've Been Hiding And Hoarding

03/09/2014 01:11 pm ET | Updated Mar 09, 2014

If you're like most people, there's a pretty good chance that your photos are in one of three places: on your phone or computer, still stuck on your camera or shoved somewhere in a scrapbook that you probably haven't even opened in at least a decade. But, if we had to guess, you didn't take those photos only to have them never see the light of day (or haplessly end up in an "album" on Facebook). Here are over a dozen really creative ways to give your pics the attention they deserve.

Covering A Wall From Floor To Ceiling floor to ceiling

Popped Inside Jars jars

In An Unused Spot, Like A Rarely-Opened Door on a door

Copied And Folded Into Envelopes envelopes

In A Grouping With Other Black And White Works black white

Reproduced And Made Into Coasters coasters

Around The Television other elements

Hung In A Grid Formation grid

On Clipboards For An Easy-To-Swap-Out Gallery clipboard

Mounted And Grouped Monochromatically, Like This Art Arrangement monochrome

Resized And Displayed In The Panes Of An Old Window window

Put Them ALL In A Hallway... hallway

Or, On The Wall Of Your Staircase staircase

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