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10 Types Of People You Actually Want To Sit Next To At A Restaurant

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As much as we love eating out -- free bread, better-than-homemade cocktails and multiple options for dessert -- it can be filled with its annoyances (first-world problems, we know). There's the wait if it's a popular restaurant. The feeling of being crammed into a space that's too small for so many people. And then, there are all the other people who are dining, too. Sometimes, they can be the worst part.

But in an attempt to turn over a new leaf, and to look at the world in a more positive light, we got to thinking about all the people eating out that making our dining experience more enjoyable. Part of the fun of eating out is the social aspect of it, after all. Next time you go out to dinner, try to get the hostess to seat you next to one of these 10 types of diners -- they'll add to your meal in good ways, you'll see.

  • 1 The Foodie
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    Their incessant photo taking might be irritating, but if you can get past that you'll find that you're sitting next to the most informed person at the restaurant. Order everything they order -- they have done extensive research to find out the best dish at every restaurant.
  • 2 The Nitpicker
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    This person makes all your strange requests seem like a walk in the park. The waiter will be glad to accommodate you because it's nothing compared to this diner's extreme pickiness.
  • 3 The Lush
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    Sometimes, they'll share their wine with you.
  • 4 The Loner
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    The loner makes a perfect table neighbor because you're guaranteed to enjoy a quiet meal. And who knows, you could get a date out of it.
  • 5 The Gourmande
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    They will order almost everything on the menu, which gives you a chance to see what looks most appetizing.
  • 6 The Regular
    Sam Edwards via Getty Images
    This guy (or gal) will not only order the right thing, but they'll also give you some insight into what the staff is really like.
  • 7 The Frat Guys
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    They might not make for great neighbors during your meal, but they'll know where the party's at after.
  • 8 The Happy Table
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    Their continuous laughter could annoy some, but don't let it get to you. Soak it in. It's way better to eat a meal listening to laughter than to a bickering couple.
  • 9 The Table Of Friends
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    If you're dining by yourself, or with someone who's not very talkative, sitting next to a table of friends can make for some great eavesdropping. Don't pretend you don't do this.
  • 10 The Family
    AE Pictures Inc. via Getty Images
    Just kidding. You don't ever want to sit next to the family with small kids. Unless loud and messy is your thing, in that case be our guest. Of course, kids are cute. So if you're into that, this could be the right for you.

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