ABC News' Dan Harris Turns To Meditation After Panic Attack

03/13/2014 06:06 pm ET | Updated Mar 13, 2014

It took a televised panic attack that was seen by 5 million people for ABC News' correspondent Dan Harris to open his eyes to meditation. Now that he's a common practitioner, he's eager to spread the gospel.

"When I heard that meditation was actually a really good way to deal with the 'voice in the head,' for lack of a better term, I rejected it," Harris told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill. "I thought it was for people who collected incense, lived in a yurt, whatever. And then I heard about the science. The science is what did it for me. ... The list of health benefits is almost laughably long."

Harris' new book, "10% Happier," chronicles his path to discovering and adopting meditation.

Watch the rest of Dan Harris' interview with HuffPost Live below.

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