Lindsay Lohan May Be Wearing A Wedding Dress, But It's Not What You Think

03/13/2014 09:41 am ET | Updated Mar 13, 2014

Lindsay Lohan will make a stunning bride someday, but that day isn't today. So why is she wearing a white gown alongside Kat Dennings on Instagram? Simple: LiLo is poised to play bride-to-be Claire Guinness on "2 Broke Girls," and Dennings' character, Max, is going to make her wedding cake.

Dennings posted the photo Wednesday, March 12, with the caption: "Shit gets real in upcoming episodes of 2 Broke Girls."

Lohan posted some more photos from the set to her site, writing "sharing with you guys a preview wedding moment on set. #2brokegirls xo."

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