03/14/2014 02:59 pm ET | Updated Mar 14, 2014

9 Songs That Are MUCH Better In Spanish (VIDEOS)

Latinos are loyal to their artists. We buy their albums, follow them on tour and are rooting for them from the time they started out with poetic tunes, jet black hair and a rocker attitude and after they flipped the switch, went blonde, dainty and started dancing very sensually -- yes, we're looking at you Shakira.

It's not that we're not happy they reached crossover stardom, we are (sort of). The truth is, sometimes, we really miss the old them. We're nostalgic for the time when Marc Anthony, Ricky Martin and Shakira were artists you only listened to at home and with your Latino friends.

Don't get us wrong, we're not trying to be selfish (but we can't control it). And in honor of that love for Spanish music we've taken the liberty of choosing 9 songs that are a thousand times better in Spanish.

Perhaps not all of these were originally recorded by Latino artists, but it's safe to say they sure knew how to give it their own flair.

  • "Whenever Wherever"
    Shakira may have danced her way into crossover stardom with this hit from her first English-language album "Laundry Service," but the truth is that it's Spanish counterpart is far superior.
  • "Suerte"
    We'll leave it at one Shakira mention on this list, but the Colombian star has released several hits in both languages. In the end it always seems like her poetic roots remain strongest in her native tongue.
  • "The Cup Of Life"
    Ricky Martin reached international success with this hit that became the official song of the 1998 World Cup in France. While performing at the Grammys and during the closing ceremony of the international soccer tournament the song was always in English...
  • "La Copa de la Vida"
    ...but the truth is the version that all of Latin America heard was much, much better.
  • "I Need To Know"
    Marc Anthony took over the U.S. radio airways in 1999 with this catchy hit and while a whole new English-speaking audience was being introduced to the Puerto Rican salsa star the truth is they were missing out.
  • "Dimelo"
    Now THIS is the Marc Anthony we know and love.
  • "Hero"
    This never fails to make the ladies weak in the knees with one verse: "I can be your hero." It's hard to believe this could get any better, but it can.
  • "Héroe"
    Add in some of Enrique's gorgeous Spanish accent and women will be getting more than just weak in the knees...
  • "It's Impossible"
    Perry Como's "It's Impossible" is no doubt a romantic ballad worthy of anyone in love but the truth is that it's an English version of a much more epic tune by Armando Manzanero.
  • "Somos Novios"
    Armando Manzanero's romantic ballad will live forever in the hearts of thousands of love birds who without a doubt have at one point in their life dedicated this song to someone.
  • "Hotel California"
    This track is generally considered an unrivaled classic and while no one can quite deliver this song like The Eagles, it doesn't mean it can't be transformed into a very different hit...
  • "Hotel California" (In Spanish)
    ...And that's where the Gypsy Kings come in. With their Spanish guitars and upbeat rhythmic rendition, Hotel California becomes a very different monster.
  • "Let It Go"
    Ok so this Disney song is like the plague recently. Children can't stop singing and it seems like perhaps it's been literally haunting you. So we though you could change things up a bit with it's Spanish counterpart...
  • "Libre Soy"
    MUCH better. Am I right?...
  • "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps"
    Doris Day recorded this single for Latin For Lovers album, and while her soothing voice gives the song woman's touch, the song was actually first sung by a man.
  • "Quizás Quizás Quizás"
    And that man with the deep romantic voice was Cuban singer-songwriter Osvaldo Farrés.
  • "The Power Of Love"
    A(nother) powerful ballad by Celine Dion had lovers everywhere believing in the magic that love can bring. A few years after it's release, however, Salsa singer La India gave the song a whole new spin.
  • "Si Tu Eres Mi Hombre"
    This upbeat, Salsa version conveyed all of the power of love with its lyrics and, as a bonus, it lets couples hit the dance floor together.