03/17/2014 07:13 am ET Updated Mar 17, 2014

The Science Of Why We Suffer Through The Pain Of Spicy Foods (WATCH)

Have you ever wondered why we eat spicy foods, even though they can sometimes make us sweat, raise our heart rate and make our mouths feel ablaze? Why do we, as perfectly intelligent human beings, voluntarily put ourselves through that?? And why did humans ever even start eating spicy peppers when our whole being told us to stop???

According to studies, it could be because we're thrill seekers. Or, that we're just kind of tough. Watch the video above and let Ted Ed walk you through the science of spice and the reasons we eat it. Then, go drink a Bloody Mary with the right hot sauce, eat lots of green chiles and celebrate the fact that you're one bad-a** individual.

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