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Apple Just Released Its Cheapest iPhone Ever

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A store employee arranges Apple Inc. iPhone 5c cases for sale at a Reliance Digital store, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd., in New Delhi, India, on Saturday, Nov. 2, 2013. Reliance Communications Ltd. is the first Indian carrier to sell Apples iPhone with a service contract. Reliance will offer customers the iPhone 5S and 5C a two-year contract with bundled data services. Photographer: Prashanth Vishwanathan/Bloomberg via Getty Images | Bloomberg via Getty Images

Brace yourselves, America: You may soon be able to buy an iPhone for less than $99.

Apple released an 8GB iPhone 5C Tuesday, and it's selling for roughly $712 on the company's U.K. Apple stores. That's around $66.40 less than the 16GB iPhone 5C.

The phone is not currently available in the U.S., but is available in countries including Germany, Australia and China. Here's a little peek:

8 gb iphone 5c

$712 for an iPhone (or £429 in British pounds) might sound expensive, but here's the thing: The phone comes without a contract, so you can use it with any carrier.

A 16GB iPhone 5C currently sells for $99 with a contract in the U.S. and $549 without one, so it would make sense that an iPhone with 8GB less of storage would be even cheaper than that.

The iPhone 5C is Apple's cheapest phone yet, but it hasn't paid off for the tech giant. Apple told its manufacturers that it would cut orders of the iPhone 5C last October, a move that suggests the phone hasn't been flying off the shelves.

Part of the iPhone's appeal has traditionally been its glamour. People want iPhones because they're sleek and expensive, and some have suggested that the iPhone 5C hasn't sold well because "it doesn't make anyone jealous." If this is the case, then the 8GB iPhone 5C certainly won't help Apple sell anymore phones.

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