03/19/2014 04:32 pm ET Updated Mar 20, 2014

These Celebrity Wedding Crashers Are Almost Too Good To Be True

An unexpected guest who shows up at a wedding sans invitation is a major inconvenience and overall pain in the butt. But when the crasher in question is a celebrity, brides and grooms tend to be more a bit more accommodating. Because if Ellen DeGeneres happens to show up to your wedding, there's always room at your table. Always.

Below are nine awesome celebrities who crashed so-called "regular" folks' weddings. To say we're jealous about these awesome photo ops is an understatement.

  • Conan O'Brien
    "He just walked up and introduced himself, and we were like, wow. He was a really, really nice guy. He was super personable, walking around and taking pictures with everybody." - Groom Wes Hoffman [Credit: Holly J: Images]
  • Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi
    "They were incredibly nice. Ellen was really funny. She cracked jokes with my husband." - Bride Brigid Santiago [Credit: Juan Turcios ]
  • LeBron James
    "It was really unexpected and exciting. Shaun [the groom] was like, 'That's enough! We don't need to get married anymore.'" - Bride Jamie Kolnick [Credit: ANJE Soirees]
  • Zach Braff
    "The funny thing about this was that I didn’t even notice it until I started to edit the images earlier tonight! I scanned through the set and his face looked familiar. 'Is that Zach Braff?'" - Photographer Sascha Reinking [Credit: Sascha Reinking Photography]
  • David Hasselhoff
    "He asked where we were from and [my wife] asked if she could get a picture with him. As I was about to take the picture, he told me to give my camera to his assistant and get in the picture. He was very friendly and even bought us a round of drinks." - Groom Glen Warnock [Courtesy of Glen Warnock]
  • Bill Clinton
    "I thanked him for all he did for the Peace Process and for being such a friend of Ireland." - Irish groom Pat Howard [Credit: Philip Daly Photography]
  • John Travolta
    "My friend ran into John Travolta the night before his wedding, and he shows up the next day." [via Reddit]
  • Steven Tyler
  • Robin Williams
    "We were walking to take some quick portraits in NYC and Robin Williams was taking a walk there too. He was super nice when the groom talked to him and introduced him to the bride." - Photographer Ananda Lima [Credit: Ananda Lima]

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