These Alaskan Ice Caves May Be Melting, But There's Still Time To Marvel At Them (VIDEO)

03/20/2014 04:34 pm ET | Updated Mar 20, 2014

Like countless glaciers these days, Alaska's Mendenhall Glacier is melting. The loss of such an ancient, iconic ice formation to climate change would certainly be a bummer, but it also has a temporary silver lining: Glacial meltwater can carve out some amazing ice caves.

Those caves star in a mesmerizing new video, "Bigger Than Life," that explores the glacial grottos with a GoPro camera and a quadcopter drone. It's the "first documented drone flight through ice caves," according to the filmmakers, and it offers spectacular, rarely seen views from inside a glacier.

"When you're in the ice cave, you are in pure awe of the beauty that lies around you," producer Christopher Carson tells the Alaska Dispatch. "This feeling is surreal and empowering."

Check it out above, preferably in high-definition and full-screen mode. And for a look at how the flight was filmed, check out this wordless behind-the-scenes video released by Firefight Films:

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