Your First Tweet Was Probably Better Than These Celebrities'

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It’s been eight years since Twitter’s blue birdy first entered our lives. In honor of that fateful day, Twitter has unveiled the First Tweet search tool, which lets users take a trip down memory lane and relive the awkwardness of that first toe-dip into the 140-character pool.

Here's @HuffPostTech's first tweet:

We’ve also combed through some of our favorite Twitter personalities to find the best #FirstTweets. Some may shock and awe you, while others may inspire. And some are straight-up boring. (That's right, Bill Nye, we're looking at you.)

Here’s a look at some of our favorite first tweets:

God’s first was a dig at none other than Satan:

Activist and actress Mia Farrow announced she would be joining a hunger strike:

Barack Obama gave us a reminder about the Iraq War in 2007:

Louis was just being Louis:

Ellen was confused:

The Bravo king was unsure about the whole thing:

Conan was still reeling from losing "The Tonight Show":

Writer Kelly Oxford found the perfect outlet for her weird wit:

Julia Louis-Dreyfus proved she is the queen of multitasking:

Stephen Colbert shared an impeccable men’s fashion tip:

Bill Nye pretty much just phoned it in:

Pope Francis asked people around the world to pray for him:

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