Remembering Matt Lauer's Beard: 2013-2014

03/20/2014 01:04 pm ET | Updated Mar 20, 2014

For most of the "Today" co-hosts, "No-Shave November" came to an end a long time ago. Except for Matt Lauer, who decided to forego shaving and keep his beard for another four months.

But today, on this 20th day of March, Matt Lauer officially said goodbye to the scruff.

lauer beard
(via Today)

We can't say we'll miss it, but it has certainly had a good run. Between the Sochi olympics, the Golden Globes and talking to Rob Ford, the beard has actually gotten pretty famous. It certainly knows more celebrities than we do.

So, in honor of the loss, we present to you: The Beard's Greatest Hits:

Playing with animals!


Working the Red Carpet (looking good, beard!)

red carpet

Sandwiched in between the Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon:


Ice luging with Al:


The happy times:

laughing matt

The serious times:


Laughing with Ellen:


Sporting a creepy hat:


Wearing pants with pockets at the Olympics:


Having an insane conversation with Sarah Palin:


Talking to crack-smoking, Toronto mayor Rob Ford:


Okay, fine. We'll miss you, beard!

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