03/21/2014 05:02 am ET | Updated Mar 21, 2014

Basketball 'Mystery Cop' Goes One-On-One With Kid In San Antonio (VIDEO)

Police in San Antonio are searching for a "mystery man," but it's not a criminal suspect. It's one of their own officers who's been going viral on Facebook.

The officer, who hasn't been identified, stopped when he saw 12-year-old Jacob Aguirre playing basketball with his brothers.

I thought I was in trouble when he pulled over,” Aguirre told KENS 5 in San Antonio.

But he wasn't in trouble. Turns out the cop just wanted to play some one-on-one.

Jacob's mother, Monica Aguirre, caught some of the action from a window:

The San Antonio Police Department is working to identify the officer. Jacob wants to know who it was, too. The officer beat him, but only by two points.

“I want my rematch,” Jacob told KENS 5.

The department posted some photos of the scene on its Facebook page:


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