We'll Deal With These Blizzards Any Day (RECIPES)

03/21/2014 07:43 am ET | Updated Mar 21, 2014
Minimalist Baker

For most of the country, it's been a brutally intense winter. We have seen temperatures colder than we ever thought possible, and have sat through more blizzards than we care to remember. As much as we love the snow, we're done with blizzards. That is unless it's a blizzard made with ice cream (and candy and more). In that case, bring it on.

We're talking about blizzards made in the Dairy Queen fashion, but better (because you made it in the comfort of your home). When you make blizzards at home, you can use the best ice cream. Add as much brownie/cookie/candy as you want. You can even make it vegan. Here are the only five reasons to give blizzards another chance:

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