03/22/2014 03:32 pm ET | Updated Mar 22, 2014

Tara Reid Wears White Bikini To The Beach, Develops Close Friendship With Sand

Tara Reid / Twitter

On Friday, March 21, Tara Reid went to the beach and rolled around in the sand while tweeting that she'd "never felt so happy" in her life. "Me and the sand became best friends," she wrote, "We started talking to each other!"

At one point, Reid realized the depth of her growing relationship with the granular bits of finely minced rock and gathered the courage to express her feelings. "I love you," she wrote to the sand, in the sand.

While at the beach, Reid also prepared for her upcoming film "Sharknado 2." "WTF the sharks are trying to kill me!" she wrote, sharing this photo that features billions of invisible sharks.


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