03/27/2014 12:19 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2014

Proof 'Hawaii Five-0' Has The Best Wrap Party In The Industry (VIDEO)

It's not easy to put out a TV show every week, which is why crew wrap parties have become a much-needed outlet in the industry to blow off steam and celebrate. This is especially true in Hawaii, where the long hours mean time away from surfing, hiking, and other natural stress relief.

The 'Hawaii Five-0' crew knows how to make up for it, though. At the end of every season, the cast and crew go nuts at their wrap party, debuting a video of epic proportions.

Our favorite part? In between all the make up, casting, and wardrobe departments' lip-synching around the show's set, the entire stunt team surfs together on a mega surfboard to Lorde's "Royals." (Check it out around the 1:00 mark in the above video.)

If Danno ever needs someone who can lip sync, he should book 'em.

Catch the full 10-minute video, here.


Hawaii Five-0: Then & Now
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