Jordin Sparks Reminds Us What It Looks Like To Be A Kid Of The '90s

03/27/2014 01:39 pm ET | Updated Mar 27, 2014

Apparently no one was immune to the '90s, not even Jordin Sparks.

The singer shared a photo on her Instagram account of herself as a kid looking particularly angsty. Sparks captioned the photo, "This one is truly a gem! #TBT '98/'99 Ahahaha I think this was the day I got to summer camp that year! How did I have all that booty at 8/9 yrs old?? Omg. What is that look on my face...and that hat?? I can't but I love it! Lmao! 🙊🙈 #supadupafly #nofilter."

While the look on her face may give you nightmares, Sparks' pint–sized outfit brings back memories of personal fashion faux pas that will do far more psychological damage.

Thank you for that, Jordin Sparks.

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