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These Are The Best TV Shows You Might Have Missed

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You're probably watching (or eagerly anticipating) the same shows as everyone else right now, like "Scandal," "How I Met Your Mother" and "Game of Thrones," right? There's so much more out there, though! Take the road less traveled and branch out to a few lesser-known masterpieces. These shows and mini-series might not be all anyone's talking about, but they're definitely worth investigating.

Check out these four TV shows (and a TV-released film) that deserve more praise and more viewers.

  • "Top of the Lake"
    The Scoop
    Binge watch this entire mini-series, in which a detective goes on the search for a pregnant 12-year-old.

    Proof It's Good
    One Golden Globe win (two total nominations)

    One Emmy win (eight total nominations)

    Two SAG Award nominations

    Watch it on Netflix.
  • "Dancing on the Edge"
    The Scoop
    Get lost in the dramatic, murderous tale of England's Louis Lester Band.

    Proof It's Good
    One Golden Globe win (three total nominations)

    Watch it on Starz.
  • "Behind the Mask"
    The Scoop
    Go behind the scenes and inside the costumes of sports mascots with this Hulu documentary series.

    Proof It's Good
    One Sports Emmy nomination

    Series has been picked up for a second season to debut in 2014

    Watch it on Hulu.
  • "Ray Donovan"
    The Scoop
    Things get dangerous in this crime-drama when a powerful businessman's work and home lives collide.

    Proof It's Good
    Two Golden Globe nominations

    Series has been picked up for a second season to debut in 2014

    Check it out at Showtime.
  • "Behind the Candelabra" (Bonus: Movie Released on HBO to U.S. audiences)
    The Scoop
    Revel in the drama of the relationship between Liberace and his young lover Scott Thorson.

    Proof It's Good
    Eleven Emmy wins (15 total nominations)

    Two Golden Globe wins (four total nominations)

    Rent it on Netflix.

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