If You Don't Have A Pair Of Badass Nike Shoes, You're Not Living

03/30/2014 10:08 am ET | Updated Mar 30, 2014

This week Nike celebrated the 27th anniversary of Air Max and everyone can agree that they're never going out of style. Even if you don't prefer to sport a cool pair of sneakers, say in the work environment, we can bet that most have or have had a pair of Nike shoes for exercising purposes. If you're as trendy as Kim and Kanye, you have matching sneaks for the whole fam.

Instagrammers posted several shots of their badass sneakers, and we're realizing that you can never have too many pairs. But isn't that the case for all shoes?

In addition to colorful kicks, we were loving all the small details that Instagram had to offer this week. Scroll down and enjoy the simple things as much as we did.

Celebrities in Sneakers
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