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'Baby Suiting' Is The Latest Hilarious Thing To Do With A Tiny Human

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Mommy Shorts blogger, Ilana Wiles, knows there is one thing new parents need desperately -- almost as much as sleep -- and that is, something to do with a baby who cannot talk, walk or craft elaborate dresses made out of paper. To that end, last year, she came up with "Baby Mugging," a way to get an adorable picture of your infant in a mug, without using force or Photoshop. Now, she is onto something new called "Baby Suiting," and yes, you guessed it, it involves tiny babies in huge suits.

Introducing twelve extremely well-dressed tiny humans. If you find yourself stuck at home with a baby and want to get in on the action, visit Mommy Shorts for instructions and post your shots on Instagram with the hashtag #babysuiting.

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