These Photos Are The 'Mad Men'/'Game Of Thrones' Mashups Of Your Dreams

04/03/2014 01:02 pm ET | Updated Apr 03, 2014

We. Can't. Wait. "Game Of Thrones" and "Mad Men" season premieres are almost here and in preparation, asked the simple question, "What would a 'Mad Men'/'Game Of Thrones' mashup look like?" Turns out, when Westeros and 1960s New York City collide, it looks pretty damn good.

What if Jon Snow were a whiskey-drinking ad guru? What if Don Draper had his head chopped off by a teenage king? And can you imagine Daenerys as a bored housewife? Neither can we. Take a look at the photos below and head over to for more.

dany mad men

mad men got

jon snow mad men

mad men got

got mad men

peggy got

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