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Best Of Ken Jennings' Reddit AMA

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Ken Jennings took to Reddit to do an AMA about being a 74-time "Jeopardy!" champion and the results were actually pretty hilarious. Jennings, a.k.a. "WatsonsBitch" -- he recently lost to IBM supercomputer Watson -- answered questions about marijuana, Alex Trebek and how he prepared for his ultimate "Jeopardy!" run. Take a look at his best answers below.

  • uhhhhmmmm: Do you ever find yourself accidentally introducing yourself as 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings to people you meet? Does your wife call you 74-time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings in bed? Have you ever considered legally changing your name to 74-time Jeopardy! winner Ken Jennings?

    WatsonsBitch: When I was first on in 2004, my son stopped calling me "Daddy" and started calling me "Ken Jennings," like the announcer on TV. Pretty damn adorable.
    But it's less adorable when people on the street do it. "Hey, Ken Jennings! Nice to meet you, Ken Jennings." Have you ever seen the Jim Jarmusch movie Coffee and Cigarettes where GZA and RZA keep calling Bill Murray "Billmurray"? I have been living that movie for a decade.
    Edited: fixed the movie title for your IMDb-ing convenience.
  • respite: How do you pronounce the "!" in "Jeopardy!"?

    WatsonsBitch: In my case, it's pronounced, "Paid for my house."
  • toadfan64: Have you spent all of your winnings yet?

    WatsonsBitch: The "TREBEK" grill on my teeth wasn't cheap. Those are real diamonds.
  • Rtrock: Do you know the names of the eight-year-olds who made your fancy sweater, Ken?

    WatsonsBitch: Ha, that audible gasp you can hear from the audience in that game is mostly me I think. That's the most awkward Jeopardy contestant interview I've ever seen...and that's saying something. Tom is a bit more of an alpha frat-boy type than most Jeopardy champs--or at least likes to appear that way--but he seems like a good guy in person. I think that conversation got away from him a bit.
  • LethalMutiny: What did you guys actually talk about when you were on stage when the credits were rolling?

    WatsonsBitch: I think I've said this before here, but it's the world's most awkward social dynamic. Two of you are shell-shocked and pissed-off, one of you has just realized they're going to have to go back and do it all again in ten minutes, and one of you is a crotchety quiz show host who just wants to get home before the Lakers game starts. Typically Alex talks about the Final Jeopardy clue, whether he thought it was easy or hard or what. But he doesn't care. As soon as the stage manager says "We're clear," he disappears in a puff of smoke to change into a different Perry Ellis suit.
  • sspequod: What does Alex Trebek smell like?

    WatsonsBitch: Knowledge. And Old Spice.
  • gorobogo: What are your thoughts on Arthur Chu? Villain or just clever?

    WatsonsBitch: Media circlejerk. Arthur is a great player and didn't do anything that lots of other multi-day champions (Dave Madden, Roger Craig) hadn't done before.
  • MysticBounce: Trebek said your record will likely stand "forever". Is he a time traveler, immortal, or some sort of reverse vampire?

    WatsonsBitch: I can only assume Alex has been visited by alternate-future versions of himself from the Legion of Super Trebeks, and somebody (Alek Trebekovich, the Trivia Tsar of Earth-Я? Robotrebek of 60,000 AD?) spilled the beans.
  • DuchySleeps: Besides the obvious, what do you think is the main difference between a winner and a loser on Jeopardy? Or is the game really as simple as recalling shit quickly?

    WatsonsBitch: Every night, you have three people who can recall shit quickly. Essentially the only thing the contestant tryout is designed to measure is Recalling Shit Quickly. In my experience, it comes down to who is loose and having fun. I saw a lot of people come into Jeopardy obsessed with the outcome (how much will I win?) rather than the experience. And it's an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience. The best players are the ones who are just trying to have a good time. They're relaxed and play better.
  • stile99: Have you taken up H&R Block on their free taxes for life offer?

    WatsonsBitch: I have! But it's all part of a plan to gradually work my way into their system and bring it down from the inside. I play the long game, and I never forgive.
  • Doades: Ken, is there anything you would recommend for me to do if I want to go on Jeopardy and beat your record? 'Cause I plan on it, bro.

    WatsonsBitch: Fun fact: no one who calls people "bro" has ever won a game on Jeopardy. (Except that sweatshop guy Tom from two nights ago.)


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