These Are The Best Of TV's Running Jokes, According To Reddit

04/06/2014 01:48 pm ET | Updated Apr 06, 2014
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The brilliant (and occasionally pervy) hive mind know as Reddit recently used their collective consciousness to discuss the best of TV's running jokes. In honor of the many, many ongoing gags sprinkled throughout "How I Met Your Mother," we've pulled together the best of their list. Let us know if anything is missing in the comments below.

"Jerry [/Larry/Gary] being a useless individual on 'Parks and Recreation'." - bfg24


Charlie's illiteracy on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." - DenimChicken154


"That you never see Wilson's face in 'Home Improvement'." - Steeler7dude


"Jimmy Kimmel's ongoing 'feud' with Matt Damon." - daprice82

"Jazz getting thrown out of the house on 'The Fresh Prince'." - thebryguy23


"Where Fez is really from in 'That '70s Show'." - Tanthony2


"'The Daily Show' stating an organization's full name and then adding, 'or NAMBLA'." - audidas

"'My leg!' on 'SpongeBob.' Every time there's any sort of minor chaos you can always hear someone yelling 'my leg!'." - stripes_and_pipes

The entire Bluth family's opinion of egg, sorry, Ann on "Arrested Development." - Dockweiler355


And, of course, Robin Sparkles from "How I Met Your Mother."

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