Interviews After Eating The World's Hottest Pepper Are Hilarious (VIDEO)

04/07/2014 08:58 am ET

It's easy to answer the question, "How do you build the best blanket fort?"

It's not easy to discuss deep questions like that after you've eaten the hottest pepper in the world, but we did it anyway. Interviews over hot sauce are a hilarious struggle between human and heat. That's why we ate as much Carolina Reaper sauce by PuckerButt Pepper Company as we could, then asked the tough questions.

PuckerButt's Carolina Reaper was named the hottest pepper in the world -- again -- at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo last week. It measures well over 1.5 million on the Scoville Scale, (for reference, Tobasco is about 1,500 Scoville units) and somehow we were able to get men, women and children alike to try the company's sauce for our cameras.

But what kind of journalists would we be if we didn't try some ourselves?

Watch the video above to see us conduct interviews while nearly hallucinating on the stuff. We even got a HuffPost Live host to eat a spoonful below (sorry, Ricky). That said, don't try this at home, dear readers. You'll see why.

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