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Drink Like The Truthiest American This Weekend By Channeling Stephen Colbert

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Happy Friday! Welcome to Drink Like A Famous Person, where we let you bring out your fabulous side in the name of some well-earned R&R. Eschew your regular habits this weekend by drinking like...

Stephen Colbert!

Our very favorite Lord of the Rings superfan and faux-conservative news host will be leaving his right-wing alter ego behind for new adventures in late night as he replaces David Letterman next year. Let's show off our own patriotic sides by mixing up...

The "Colbert Bump"!

Back in 2009, Colbert hosted Esquire magazine's resident mixologist, David Wondrich, whom he implored to create a namesake cocktail on his own behalf. Named after the bump in popularity candidates are scientifically proven to enjoy after appearing on "The Colbert Report," you'll need your very best "good ol' Republican gin" for this one -- by the look of things, that'd be Seagrams or Beefeater.

Fill a highball glass three-quarters full of ice as cold as a bald eagle's glare, and stir in the following in order:

1 ounce cherry liquor
1.5 ounces gin
1/4 ounce lemon juice
Splash of soda

Watch Colbert totally own a game of Tolkien trivia with James Franco below.


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