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Celebrate National Dolphin Day With A Look At These Unique Dolphin Species (PHOTOS)

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Who doesn't love dolphins!? The chances are that you've owned at least one dolphin stuffed animal during your lifetime, or have been captivated by the dolphin show at your local aquarium. And since April 14 is National Dolphin Day, we're taking a moment to honor these charismatic animals.

The incredibly social and intelligent marine mammal often congregates in schools of five to several hundred and use echolocation to find prey, according to Defenders of Wildlife. Dolphin species range in color from pink and white to brown and black, and are found worldwide.

Unfortunately, these marine mammals are threatened by a range of issues, including entanglement in fishing gear, oil and gas development, climate change and ship collisions, explains the World Wildlife Fund.

Take a look below for a glimpse at some of the thirty-four oceanic and five river species of dolphins.

dusky dolphin
Dusky dolphin

Amazon River Dolphin

Short-beaked common dolphin

killer whales
Killer whales

bottlenose dolphin
Bottlenose dolphins

Amazon River dolphin

whitesided dolphin
Pacific white-sided dolphins

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