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The Great Instagram Outage Of 2014, Explained

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The Instapocalypse arrived this weekend when Instagram, the mobile photo-sharing platform, shut down, much to the confusion and distress of its millions of devoted users. Around 1:30pm on Saturday, the app and website crashed worldwide (cruelly, during peak brunch time) due to a "feed delivery issue" that also caused some users to lose followers.

Fortunately, Twitter was up and running, allowing countless thwarted Instagrammers to tweet out their feelings, fears and meta-commentary. It didn't take long for #instagramnotworking to become a trending topic, and for a hilarious (but all too real) picture of our unhealthy relationship with social media to emerge.

Now that it's over, and we can look back on the Great Instagram Outage of 2014 and laugh, here's a glimpse at some of this historic event's defining moments, along with some lessons for posterity.

Terror was inspired in the hearts of many.

sonny san
Time for all Instagram addicts to check into the rehab!

Brunch had to be eaten, not photographed.

Edward Swiderski
billions of disappointed brunches due to lack of the 'gram.

Logan Alexxander
Since I'll describe my breakfast 2U guys. I had 2 eggs over easy,3 applewood smoked Bacon, country potatoes

Coachella had to be experienced, rather than documented.

E.J. Coughlin
If a concert happens in Coachella Valley and no one is able to Instagram it, did it ever, like, really happen?

"Instagram is down. Does that mean they cancel Coachella? I mean what's the point of going now. To hear music??"

Phoebe Tonkin
Plus side, I dont have to see any flower crowns on my feed this morning

Photos went unliked.

My selfi only got 80 likes on instagram that's how I know

Emotions ran high.

Antoinette McMahon
I feel like Voldemort when Harry killed a horcrux. A part of my soul is missing.

chris staples
Cant prove how much fun we had last night, how carefree and flirty we are, i hate myself I have no real friends.

I can cope with not having Facebook, but I cannot cope with Instagram not working

But in the end, important lessons were learned.

Megan Prescott
didn't realise how much random crap I post on there until today!!

Michael Malarkey
It's back people. Chill out. Maybe we should all get outside more.
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