Hashtag #LoveMeLike Takes Twitter By Storm As Black Women Share Empowering Messages

04/14/2014 05:27 pm ET | Updated Apr 14, 2014

The Twitterverse has welcomed a new hashtag trend and we can’t help but love it.

The hashtag #LoveMeLike started making its rounds on Twitter with black women expressing how they want to be loved. The woman behind the social media love-fest is known as Syd aka @Blackamazon on Twitter. According to her Tumblr page, she is a 28-year-old American-born Guyanese, woman writer and blogger who prompted the conversation with a simple discussion topic.

After being flooded with profound and beautiful tweets in response, she shared her humbled delight at the hashtag’s success.

And with thousands of tweets already floating around, it’s clear that many women share Syd's sentiments. The #LoveLikeMe community is largely made up of black women, but with such a universally empowering message behind it, men and women of all races and sexualities have embraced the trend as well.

See some of our favorite #LoveLikeMe tweets below, and read more about Syd on Tumblr.

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