04/15/2014 08:00 am ET

The LEGO Pilot Is The Cutest Thing You'll See All Week

Last week we introduced you to a pilot who takes epic aerial photos from the cockpit. This week, we'd like you to meet the LEGO Pilot.

This little pilot doesn't just fly airplanes made of bricks. He flys on real airplanes, goes to foreign places and has lots of adventures. He's also a very active Instagrammer.

Here he is ready for departure:

The LEGO Pilot is a pro with landing gear.

Recently he had a layover in Hong Kong.

He enjoys a beer... off the clock of course!

He's a pro at using the radio...

...And he knows the ins and outs of fuel figures.

He's just a classy little dude...

Who loves to fly.

H/T Jaunted.


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