04/17/2014 11:21 am ET | Updated Apr 17, 2014

This South Korean 'Hannibal' Promo Is The Definition Of Crazy

Season 2 of NBC's "Hannibal" is underway, and South Korea knows how to promote it. The trailer above contains all the emotions and drama of a full length feature film condensed into two minutes and thirty seconds of pure bliss.

There is love. There is tragedy. There are animated hearts popping out of Will Graham's eyes.

tv show gifs

You don't need to understand a South Korean dialect to enjoy this clip, but if you're curious about what's going on, just try turning on the YouTube captions. You'll see phrases like "me dude up some," "we can hook up too much to Jeff's" and ,of course, "hunny bunny pumping crew."

(We're guessing YouTube captions doesn't know what to make of this video either.)

Check out the promo above. We recommend you enjoy it with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

"Hannibal" airs Friday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.

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