Show Your Inner Margarita Freakiness With Etsy Swag

04/18/2014 07:31 am ET | Updated Apr 18, 2014
Etsy: ChristinesCornerSSC

If Jimmy Buffet's song, Margaritaville, is essentially the theme song to your life, you have stumbled to the right place. You are not just a Cinco de Mayo margarita sipper, but an "any day, anytime, frozen or on the rocks, salted or not don't matter" kind of margarita drinker. And we understand you (to an extent).

There's nothing like lime, tequila and triple sec to make life feel like it's one big vacation. Some of you want to feel that feeling all the time. You are the margarita freaks. And we have found your swag. Etsy has produced all kinds of ways for you to share your love of this cocktail -- besides having one in your hand at all times. We've put them in a list, in order from the most mild expression of margarita love to the completely fanatical. Where do you stand?

  • 1 A Fancy Margarita Recipe Card
    This is for the person who likes homemade margaritas, sometimes. On Etsy for $5.50.
  • 2 Margarita Sugar Cookies
    Etsy: Just4YouTreats
    Delicious. And appropriate for anyone who enjoys this cocktail.On Etsy for $22.00.
  • 3 Keep Calm and DRINK MARGARITAS
    This might be the best -- and possibly the only acceptable -- use of this phrase so far.On Etsy for $7.95.
  • 4 You can also get it as a key chain.
    Etsy: ChristinesCornerSSC
    It's getting a little more serious now.On Etsy for $10.00.
  • 5 Salted Jalapeno Margarita Gourmet Lollipop
    Etsy: BOSSGirlsInc
    For the chronic margarita joneser.On Etsy for $14.00.
  • 6 Margarita Lip Scrub
    Etsy: LalalitaBodyCo
    We're starting to get worried.On Etsy for $3.99.
  • 7 Margarita Beads
    Etsy: TheCraftyBead
    This is borderline fanatical.On Etsy for $4.95.
  • 8 If Life Gives You Limes, Make Margaritas Bracelet
    Etsy: darkerblue
    Almost crossing over.On Etsy for $12.95.
  • 9 Margarita Charms
    Flickr: CharmsFindingsPlus
    That's it, you've crossed the line. You are a fanatic.On Etsy for $2.50.
  • 10 Vintage Margarita Cocktail Set Glasses
    Etsy: cachecastle
    Just give in. You know you want to.On Etsy for $49.00.
  • 11 Margarita Glass Cookie Cutter
    Etsy: PoshLittleDesigns
    Eating the cookies just isn't enough, you need to make them too.On Etsy for $2.25.
  • 12 Margarita Salt and Pepper Shakers
    Etsy: DEWshophere
    Seriously?On Etsy for $13.99.
  • 13 iPhone 5 Case Cocktail Margarita iPhone
    Etsy: TNpic
    Ooooh boy.On Etsy from $23.00.
  • 14 Margarita Scented Soap
    Etsy: ManHandsSoap
    Drinking one isn't enough, you need to smell like it too?!On Etsy for $6.95.
  • 15 Margarita Felt Hair Clip Toddler Clips
    Etsy: SudsNMore
    Com'on now people.On Etsy for $5.00.
  • 16 Margarita Scented Candles & Stones
    Etsy: Sparkleflycandles
    Your friends and family are feeling concerned.On Etsy for $95.00.
  • 17 Margarita Painting
    Etsy: CarolSchiffStudio
    This is just beyond.On Etsy for $150.00.
  • 18 Vintage Marquee Lighted Margarita Sign
    Etsy: KDBRusticVintage
    You've just won the title for the GREATEST MARGARITA FREAK OF ALL TIME. Congratulations. Go ahead and celebrate with a fish bowl-sized frozen margarita loaded with an extra-salted rim. On Etsy for $160.00.

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