What To Binge Watch On 4/20

04/19/2014 10:18 am ET | Updated Apr 19, 2014
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We've got a big Sunday coming up. In addition to stuffing our faces with Easter candy, we have 4/20 to celebrate.

So if you have big plans that involve camping out on your couch with some great food, we have 15 shows for you to binge watch. Hey, we're not saying you have to watch all of them ... but if it happens, we won't judge you.

Here's what you should watch on 4/20:

"Weeds," Seasons 1-8 on Netflix

"Family Guy," Seasons 1-11 on Netflix
family guy

"It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," Seasons 1-8 on Netflix
its always sunny

"Undeclared," Season 1 on Netflix

"Archer," Seasons 1-4 on Netflix

"Maron," Season 1 on Netflix

"Aqua Teen Hunger Force," Seasons 1-2 on Netflix
teen hunger force

"Peep Show," Series 1-8 on Netflix
peep show

"Best Food Ever," Episodes 1-5 on Netflix
best food ever

"MAD," Season 2 on Netflix

"Barefoot Contessa," select episodes on Hulu
barefoot contessa

"Broad City," Season 1 on Hulu
broad city

"Freaks And Geeks," Season 1 on Netflix
freak and geeks

"That '70s Show," Seasons 1-8 on Netflix
that 70s show

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