These 14 Incredible Kitchens Are What Dreams Are Made Of (PHOTOS)

04/20/2014 11:58 am ET

Great meals can be made in a kitchen of any size -- it's really all in how you organize your space. While our microscopic apartment kitchens won't be undergoing any renovations anytime soon, we're dreaming about these fantastic "gourmet" kitchens from our friends at Maybe one day...

  • Now THIS is what a classic white kitchen should look like.
  • W. Lake Sammamish Parkway by Lavallee Construction
  • Silver and gold are nice -- but copper is so now.
  • Lake House Renovation by Walker Woodworking
  • Stone isn't just for islands and countertops.
  • Refined Lonestar by Sojo Design
  • A good view makes any kitchen even better.
  • Evans Residence by Gretchen Evans Design
  • Who says a kitchen can't have a romantic vibe?
  • Promontory by Spencer Interior Design
  • A little pop of color always goes a long way...
  • Magnolia by Hyde Evans
  • And blending the table into the island definitely makes a statement.
  • Cozy by Continental Custom Homes & Interiors, INC
  • Going modern and minimalist makes for a chic space...
  • Capital Hill Kitchen by NB Design Group, INC
  • does going rustic and cozy.
  • Ropes by Signature Design & Cabinetry
  • And blending contemporary and classic never (ever) hurt.
  • Classic Remodel by Walker Woodworking
  • Layered monochromatic elements give a sophisticated appeal.
  • Custom Estate by Schuler Architecture
  • Exposed beams aren't just for big living rooms with high ceilings...
  • ...and chandeliers aren't just for entryways anymore.
  • Colonial Revival by Signature Design & Cabinetry
  • Carving out space for wine and cheese is always a good idea.
  • Danville Addition by Gayler Construction

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