04/22/2014 01:41 pm ET Updated Apr 22, 2014

ASU Student Walks To Class, Gets Escorted By A Party Of College Kids (VIDEO)

Looking for motivation to get to class? How about being escorted by all your friends, and some strangers, too.

That's what happened this week when Arizona State University student Blake Mercer invited some of his friends to walk him to class. ASU students came out in droves to walk, dance, and... well, that's basically it.

But it started a strange #BlakeWalksToClass movement:

It seems this video might be the first in a new YouTube channel called TheEvilEmpire, but that's still yet to be seen.

For now, we can just enjoy the awesomeness that is this party-walk to class.

[h/t Total Frat Move]


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