Sideshow Artist 'Morgue' Has Steel Ball Trick That's Tough To Stomach

04/22/2014 06:59 pm ET | Updated Jun 13, 2014

It takes balls to do the things this performer does on camera -- big steel balls.

The performer's name is Morgue and he specializes in stunts that would put most people in a real morgue.

Morgue is a regular on "Freakshow," an AMC series that depicts the day-to-day experiences of the members of the Venice Beach Freakshow, a sideshow based in Los Angeles.

His biggest stunt involves first swallowing a billiard ball-sized steel ball and then a sword.

Then, the trickster regurgitates the ball back up into his mouth.

"My act isn’t shock for shock's sake. There's a purpose. It's to show people that there are different ways of expressing yourself," he said on his AMC bio page. "Whether it's something beautiful or something horrible, it's all valid and it's all about opening minds."

"Freakshow" will return for its second season on May 6.

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