04/22/2014 07:00 am ET

WARNING: Serious Poutine Porn

Flickr: Jordan Oram

If we had to pick one thing we absolutely love from our neighbor to the north, Canada, we would hands down say the poutine. The maple syrup is grand. The bacon,6 too. But when it comes to poutine, Canada's answer to late-night eats, there's no competition. Poutine is the compilation of everything we love about comfort food: it's basically a big plate of fries topped with gravy, cheese and fixins. It's the perfect formula for soaking up an excess of booze in our system. And it's the one dish that will always satisfy our need for something indulgently delicious (and decadently gross).

Poutine has made its way down to the United States and it has taken off in the best of ways. Restaurants have fully adopted it as a way to get creative with fries (our prayers have been answered). And Chicago now hosts a festival devoted entirely to poutine (must go). We are pleased. Let us show you why...

  • 1 This is poutine.
    Flickr: Jen Arrr
  • 2 And this is the gravy that tops poutine.
    Flickr: joyquality
  • 3 The more gravy, mo' betta.
    Flickr: Tess Shebaylo
  • 4 These are the cheese curds that make poutine majestic.
    Flickr: Robyn Lee
  • 5 The bigger the cheese curds the luckier you are.
    Flickr: Patty
  • 6 Do you see how the gravy oh so gently melts the cheese?
    Flickr: Jordan Oram
    They work together like the best of friends.
  • 7 Mmmmhmmmm.
    Flickr: queennepy
  • 8 This is poutine with meat added.
    Flickr: YVRBCbro
  • 9 Let's take another look.
    Flickr: YVRBCbro
  • 10 Bacon on poutine is magical.
    Flickr: Rick Chung
  • 11 There's foie gras in this poutine.
    Flickr: Renée Suen
  • 12 Even lobster wants to get down with poutine.
    Flickr: Renée Suen
    Flickr: YVRBCbro
  • 14 (Yes, there's a cheeseburger in that poutine.)
    Flickr: baltamour carla
  • 15 Do you see all that duck confit??
    Flickr: YVRBCbro
  • 16 Small poutine.
    Flickr: Sean Ganann
  • 17 MONSTER poutine.
    Flickr: 12th St David
  • 18 Compact poutine.
    Flickr: Calgary Reviews
  • 19 Skillet poutine.
    Flickr: Alyson Hurt
  • 20 Cup o' poutine.
    Flickr: Lucas Richarz
  • 21 They all come with a side of happiness.
    Flickr: Rick Chung
  • 22 You shouldn't poutine and drive...
    Flickr: Rebecca Siegel
    but if you do, it'll be the best experience of your life.
  • 23 Two forks, one mouth.
    Flickr: Axel Drainville
    That's the poutine way.
  • 24 It's what Heaven tastes like.
    Flickr: Nicolas Mirguet
    Gravy, fries, cheese curds and SO many fixings.

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