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David Alan Grier's 'How To Tell Black People Apart' Is Just What The World Needs

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David Alan Grier may be responsible for solving Hollywood's most awkward problem -- those moments when black celebrities are confused with other black celebrities. We're sure you remember the Samuel L. Jackson debacle, the Alfre Woodard, Idris Elba disaster, or the Octavia Spencer red carpet mishap.

This infomercial for David Alan Grier’s book “How To Tell Black People Apart” featured on Jimmy Kimmel Live is not only the funniest thing we've seen all day, but it's also just what the world needs. In it, Grier shares the side-splitting acronym you’ll never remember: PATWWFLLM. Which stands for “Pay Attention To What We F**king Look Like Motherf**kers!!!”

The book may not be real, but the problem sure is. Hopefully Grier’s spoof is as educational as it is hilarious.

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