J.K. Rowling Brings Her Magic To TV, HBO And BBC To Produce 'The Casual Vacancy'

04/23/2014 04:55 pm ET

The hits just keep Rowling in for HBO.

The premium cable network and BBC are now set to turn J.K. Rowling’s novel "The Casual Vacancy" into a three-hour miniseries, according to Variety. Production is set to start this summer, which is Siriusly awesome.

The book tells the story of seemingly normal English village, but in the wake of an election the town turns on itself like its under a Cruciatus Curse from Lord Voldemort. "The Casual Vacancy" is Rowling's first release since she cast a spell on the world with her "Harry Potter" series. BBC saved up all their galleons and purchased the rights to adapt the best-seller when it debuted in 2012.

Rowling is set to serve as headmaster for the miniseries -- executive producer in Muggle terms. Also executive producing are Neil Blair, Rowling's partner in Bronte Film and Television, Paul Trijbits (“Saving Mr. Banks”) and Rick Senat. Sarah Phelps (“EastEnders”) will serve as writer for the adaptation, much to the dismay of Rita Skeeter, and Jonny Campbell (“In the Flesh”) will direct.

It sounds like HBO is set to have one magical summer.

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