04/25/2014 03:56 pm ET | Updated May 08, 2014

Isabella Huffington Shares Her Family's Phones-At-Meals Philosophy

The Huffingtons have a rule: No phones at family meals.

Isabella Huffington, Arianna's daughter, said it happened when at one meal, her father, sister and mother were all on their phones -- and it caused her to break down.

"I just started weeping because I was just so frustrated," she said at Thrive, The Huffington Post's second Third Metric conference on redefining success beyond the two metrics of money and power. "I just kept trying to get their attention and no one was talking to me ... and that's when they realized, we're all together and we're all on our phones right now. ... After that, we had a no phones at meals rule."

Watch the clip above for more on Isabella's philosophy on tech use.


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