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Dan Haseltine, 'Jars Of Clay' Lead Singer, Tweets Support For Gay Marriage

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Dan Haseltine, lead singer of Jars of Clay, performs during a concert at Six Flags over Georgia's Southern Star Amphitheater on Friday, March 25, 2005 in Atlanta. The group's new album ``Redemption Songs'' is a collection of 13 hymns and spirituals the Christian group set to modern music. (AP Photo/Gregory Smith) | ASSOCIATED PRESS

Dan Haseltine, the lead singer of popular Christian band Jars of Clay, took to Twitter recently to voice his support for marriage equality.

Not only that, but Haseltine engaged with his followers in a discussion about the Biblical interpretation of marriage and he noted that he's unable to understand conservatives who use scripture to deny same-sex couples equal rights. The exchange started like this:

Hasletine then started to receive anti-gay responses from his followers and engaged in a discussion about the debate surrounding marriage equality for same-sex couples.

Haseltine is still engaging with his followers and having an extremely thought-provoking conversation about rights for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) individuals and what the Bible has to say about these issues. You can read more by visiting his Twitter page.

The lead singer of another band, Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees, is also speaking out about religion and queer issues. Glenn, who is a Mormon, recently came out of the closet as gay. In a new interview he notes, "On the level of being a role model for kids or LGBT Mormon youth, I'm totally down because I come from that background and I would be able to speak to them honestly."

(h/t GLAAD)

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