04/29/2014 05:44 pm ET | Updated Mar 16, 2015

9 Moms Spill What They Really Want For Mother's Day This Year

From "don't get me anything" to "something from the heart," it seems that every year when we ask mom what she wants for Mother's Day, we get the same coded answers.

Mom, we're on to you...

That's why we partnered with Best Buy and enlisted real Moms to share what they're eyeing this year. Oh, and as it turns out, "don't get me anything" didn't make this list.

  • On-The-Go Mom
    A Charging Phone Case
    "As a busy mom I am dependent on my smartphone for so many things, from capturing pictures of my kids to keeping in touch with friends, or even finding the nearest place to change a diaper when we're out and about! With my phone performing all these functions I drain the battery quite quickly. For emergencies I would love a rechargeable battery case."

    -Ruth Arnold, blogger behind Geek Mummy and mother of two

    mophie Juice Pack Air Charging Case
  • A Wireless Activity Tracker
    “This year the Fitbit Flex is at the top of my wish list. I've been a Fitbit One fan for over a year now, but hide it clipped onto my bra strap. Checking my steps sometimes looks like I'm checking to make sure my boobs are still there. The Flex can be worn on your wrist, and later this spring Tory Burch will be launching a line of accessories specifically designed for it. We can all wear our trackers loud and proud when fashion and tech finally come together."

    -Stephanie McCratic, blogger behind Evolved Mommy and mother of one

    Fitbit Flex
  • The Foodie Mom

    A "Killer" Blender
    "My kitchen is pretty well stocked but the one thing on my wish list is a killer blender like the BlendTec. There's nothing like a machine that can as easily make baby food, healthy smoothies, and cocktails. I've been making it work without one, but life would be so much easier with this gem!"

    -Lea Wray, blogger behind The Gourmet Mommy and mother of two

    Blendtec Blender

  • A Breadmaker
    "We've had several chefs advise us that we should bake our tomato garlic dipping oil INTO bread. I have not had a chance (nor the tools) to play around with a recipe, so this seemed like an obvious choice. I have used Zojirushi rice cookers for well over a decade – and the quality is excellent, so I'd bet their bread makers are also great."

    -Leah Race, owner of Cheeky Monkey Foods and mother of one

    Zojirushi Bread Maker
  • Adventurer Mom
    A Waterproof Head-Mounted Camera
    "My kids love the photos I bring home from my adventures -- kayaking in Antarctica, snorkeling with Beluga whales, tracking polar bears in Churchill, Canada, climbing Harbor Bridge in Sydney, Australia and rappelling down 23 stories from a San Francisco rooftop. I'd love a head mounted camera with waterproof casing so I can share these adrenaline-filled moments as seen from my view."

    -Marybeth Bond, National Geographic author, "The Gutsy Traveler" and mother of two

    GoPro camera and mount

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones
    “There is one thing I would love and that's a pair of Bose headphones. They really do cancel out the noise on planes and are comfortable to wear."

    -Nancy J. Friedman, founder of NJFPR, travel and hospitality P.R. company, mother of two

    Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • The Fitness Fanatic Mom

    A Digital Scale
    "I believe the key to staying well is being accountable. I lost my mother to obesity and being overweight is the number one risk factor for illness and death."

    -Patricia Greenberg-Grunfeld, marathon runner, founder of The Fitness Gourmet and mother of one

    Fitbit WiFi Smart Scale
  • Entertainer Mom
    A Cotton Candy Machine
    "I have been dreaming of making my own cotton candy for some time now, obsessing really, and a professional grade cotton candy machine would make me super happy. I intend on coming up with a variety of fun flavors using organic sugars and have a few other little surprises up my sleeve to be able to incorporate into a Cotton Candy Bar for parties and celebrations."

    -Jessica Kirkland, master entertainer, blogger behind Pen N' Paper Flowers and mother of three

    Vortex Cotton Candy Machine

  • A Wireless Outdoor Speaker
    "Music is what keeps me going, so a wireless speaker would provide fabulous tunes while setting up and styling all my events!"

    -Kara Allen, blogger behind Kara's Party Ideas and mother of three

    JBL Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker