14 Fabulous Cards For Book Lovers

04/30/2014 08:17 am ET | Updated Apr 30, 2014

From Edith Wharton to Henry Miller, great authors have long turned to snail mail in order to express their love, exchange intellectual ruminations, or stay in touch with friends. And luckily for us, these letters often contain significant insights into the lives of these eminent writers, as well as exemplifying marvelous writing in their own right. Many writers have accumulated so much fascinating mail that their letters have even been compiled into books.

Nowadays, letters seem to be going the way of the dinosaur as emails, texts, and even tweets offer quicker, easier communication. But let's not give up so easily -- a beautifully penned note represents more thought and care than a Facebook message, and it's something the recipient, at least, might treasure for years.

Sitting down to compose a full letter may seem daunting, so start out with something a little bit more simple. Take one of these lovely literature-inspired cards, add a thoughtful note inside, and make someone's day!

Here are 14 fabulous literary cards that will bring out the writer in you:

  • Sherlock Card
  • Just what every friend wants to hear -- and a heartfelt note inside is just what every friend wants to receive. (Via Greenwich Letterpress.)
  • C.S. Lewis Card
  • We'd also add, "or a letter from a friend thick enough." (Like books, letters are great to enjoy over a cup of tea.) (Via Etsy.)
  • Ink and Quill Card
  • Write like your literary forebears! (Via Etsy.)
  • Virginia Woolf Card
  • Free your thoughts into this beautiful card. (Via Letterary Press.)
  • Lighthouse Card
  • Speaking of Virginia Woolf, why not go "to the lighthouse" for an adorable card design? (Via Greenwich Letterpress.)
  • Same Page Card
  • As long as you're in one book or another, you're surely doing something right. (Via Pink Olive.)
  • Whitman Card
  • A very lyrical quote from Walt Whitman should inspire your note-writing! (Via
  • Must Love Books Card
  • This should really go without saying, but just in case... (Via Etsy.)
  • Upcycled Book Cards
  • Upcycled pages from damaged real books add a truly bookish touch to your correspondence. (Via Etsy.)
  • e. e. cummings Card
  • Here's a quote -- and a gorgeous illustration -- to really get the creative juices flowing. (Via Etsy.)
  • Verb Your Noun Card
  • If there's anything we readers and writers love, it's parts of speech. (Via Kate's Paperie.)
  • Shakespeare Card
  • If anyone knew how to write a love letter, it was the Bard. Why not follow his lead? (Via The Strand.)
  • Every Day Is A Gift Card
  • Every day spent reading a good book in a bubble bath certainly is a gift. (Via Etsy.)
  • Louisa May Alcott Card
  • Inspiration from Little Women for a Mother's Day note we guarantee she'll appreciate more than a text. (Via Etsy.)
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