If You've Ever Hit On Someone And Failed, This Video Is For You

04/30/2014 04:37 pm ET | Updated May 01, 2014
  • Taryn Hillin Fmr. Associate Editor, Huffington Post Weddings and Divorce and current YA author / screenwriter and journalist.

If you've ever found yourself sweating profusely, mumbling incoherent sentences or making weird dad jokes in the presence of the opposite sex, then you sure as heck know how this guy feels.

Redditor anintrovert (how appropriate) posted the following video with the caption "Me trying to talk to a girl", which sums up the awkwardness of opposite-sex-communicating in less than 24 seconds with the help of two cute kids.

While the video was uploaded to Youtube back in 2012, the Redditor's #foreveralone spin clearly struck a chord with the masses, as it quickly rose to the front page of Reddit.

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