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10 Reasons We Are All Gretchen Wieners, The 'Mean Girls' Heiress Who's Always On The Left

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We can all find a piece of our high school history reflected in "Mean Girls," which celebrates its 10th anniversary today, on April 30. Whether that means flirting with social suicide, crushing on our own Aaron Samuels or honing a skill like ESPN, everyone played their part in navigating the waters of adolescent purgatory. But, when we get right down to it, the Plastic we really relate to best is none other than Gretchen Wieners, the fetchest candy-cane connoisseur around.

It's hard to believe we met this loyal second fiddle a decade ago. Gretchen will never be queen bee like Regina George, and she doesn't have the naïveté that comes naturally to Karen Smith. Instead, Gretchen had to work hard to maintain her place on the social ladder, from noting her peers' jealousy to wanting to "totally just stab Caesar." She didn't always get it right, and for that we are kind of all like Gretchen Wieners.

1. Our lives have all been made better by Toaster Strudel.

Mean Girls gifs

2. None of us really understand the rules of feminism ... or that "irregardless" is not a word, really.

Mean Girls gifs

3. Nor do we approach race properly.

Mean Girls gifs

4. We all wish our unmanageable hair was for a reason as good as secrets.

Mean Girls gifs

5. We're all trying to make "fetch" happen.

Mean Girls gifs

6. We've all been through tragedy.

Mean Girls gifs

7. Our hairlines are so weird.

Mean Girls gifs

8. We unanimously agree that Christmas without candy canes is depressing.

Mean Girls gifs

9. One too many episodes of "Law & Order: SVU" taught us how to conduct ourselves in interrogation situations.

Mean Girls gifs

10. We all know it's better to be in the Plastics, hating life, than not to be in it at all.

Mean Girls gifs

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