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Excerpts Of Ivy League Student's Application Essay

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Long Island high school student Kwasi Enin will enroll at Yale University this fall after being accepted into all eight Ivy League schools. Here are excerpts from his application essay.

"A wrong decision can be the beginning or end of a lifestyle. In the seventh grade, I nearly ended my music career by opting to select a simple course — Music In Our Lives — that met the state music requirement. But this decision would have left me empty. "


"I am now a violinist who has joyously played for nine years. I also now take music in my life. It is the first self-taught and the longest course I have ever taken."


"There are millions of combinations of key signatures, chords, melodies and rhythms in the world of music that wait to become attached to a sheet of staff lines and spaces. As I began to explore a minute fraction of these combinations from the third grade onwards, my mind began to formulate roundabout methods to solve any mathematical problem, address any literature prompt, and discover any exit in an undesirable situation."


"Playing the works of different composers, such as Kol Nidrei by Max Bruch and Corolan Overture by Ludwig van Beethoven, expands my diverse musical vocabulary, my breadth of techniques and my ability to practice in order to succeed in solo performances."


"Whenever I perform, whether as a bassist in Men's Doo Wop Group or as a violinist in a Chamber Ensemble, I become immersed in the conversations between performers and the audience. As I become lost in these conversations, I create blissful memories in which I am truly part of my community's culture and eventually its history."


"The most important task of a leader is to create harmony between each member of the group, which reveals the group's maximum potential. With improvement and balance comes success and music taught me all of these virtues."

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