04/30/2014 10:42 am ET | Updated Apr 30, 2014

The-Dream's 'Black' Addresses Racism, Discrimination, Donald Sterling


The-Dream, Terius Nash, not-so-randomly released a new track and video on Tuesday evening, April 29, titled "Black." Nash addresses racism and classism, showing footage from the civil rights movement, singing "I'm feeling real black right now" in the hook. In the second verse, he says, "Never be impressed with a man with no message," over images of Vladimir Putin, Joseph Kony and banned-for-life, soon-to-be-former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. While the song primarily targets racial injustice, Nash juxtaposes the images with clips of Harvey Milk, Pussy Riot and Occupy Wall Street. The video concludes with a written message:

Black isn't just a color. Black isn't just a race anymore. It's a feeling and a place from which one feels isolated by the world of the governing elite. 'Classism is the new racism.' This is what black feels like.

Listen to the powerful "Black":

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